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Our clients and partners talk about BRIGHT ip lawyers

‘For us, BRIGHT provides dependable support when it comes to protecting our designs. These ladies are practical, accurate, sensitive, professional, committed, tenacious and understanding. This is why they have already represented us in several national and international legal proceedings that gave us the result we wanted. In short, BRIGHT means one legal worry less.’

- Harkon Klevering

Founder & CEO &Klevering
‘The people at BRIGHT communicate clearly and are honest. They don’t present things through rose-tinted glasses. They are all experts in their chosen fields as well as being pragmatic, so they will tell you quickly what the problem is - and how to (re)solve it.’

- Kicky Reef

Head of Legal Cases
‘BRIGHT possesses outstanding knowhow of trademark law and copyright law and gives clear and transparent advice.’

- Ruud Elshout

Director Edel Fashion/La Strada
'We have enjoyed a good working relationship with BRIGHT for years now. They give their advice honestly, are very good on strategy, and are driven, keen and pursue legal actions successfully. We were recently able to successfully round off a cross-border case with them too.’

- Arie Vonk

Legal Cases Officer CASA
‘Each and every one of BRIGHT’s lawyers is a real winner in her chosen area of expertise. They know how to make clear analyses of complicated issues and how to turn these analyses into a pragmatic approach. In short, they are real hands-on lawyers, who are also pleasant people to deal with. This is why our BASE Advocaten law firm is happy to work with BRIGHT.’

- Ruben van Eijck

Partner, lawyer at BASE Advocaten
“I have worked with BRIGHT in a number of transnational cases. I could always rely on the precise evaluations of the legal questions. At the same time BRIGHT could find practical solutions for the benefit of the clients. I am certain that I will rely on the advice of BRIGHT also in future cases.”

- Dirk Jestaedt

Lawyer and partner Krieger Mes & Graf v. der Groeben in Germany
’At BRIGHT, they are all real specialists in their chosen field, which makes them a real breath of fresh air for a client such as us. They really go into the material in depth and draw up a clearly-defined plan with you. They don’t ‘beat around the bush’, getting right to the point instead. They are very friendly and pleasant people who get back to us quickly. They really do everything they can to get the very best result! In short, BRIGHT is the best practice by a mile and boasts a great team that will find solutions for your problems in our sector!’

- Marc Poldermans en Joyce Scheres

Founder and designer POLDR and Commercial Manager POLDR
‘BRIGHT ip lawyers, and in our case Nanda in particular, is a sort of full-service law firm for the new era, which means we can go there to get all our questions answered, and if BRIGHT itself doesn’t have the specific competence we need then they will put us in touch with affiliated practices who can give us the same high-quality advice that we get all the time from BRIGHT. What’s more, they are pleasant people to deal with, and that’s something that really appeals to us at Prénatal. In other words: professional but with the human touch.’

- Rob van den Noort

CEO Prénatal
‘What we like about BRIGHT is their honesty, clarity and practical approach. They are all specialists in their areas of expertise and also tell us what’s important - and what isn’t.’

- JacobJan van Duijvenvoorde

CFO Restaurant Company Europe
‘Working with BRIGHT means short lines and a proper follow-up for the dossier. It is nice that however hectic the day is, they will still keep us informed about the process being made in our legal proceedings, even without being asked to do so. Their outstanding analysis of legal issues in the field of intellectual property is the reason why we trust them with our business’.

- Guido van Liefland

Director for Investments van REWIN
‘The personal contacts and the accessibility are both really good. I have their mobile phone number and a simple phone call or app message brings me right up to date again.’

- Diederick Schnitger

Commercial Director Loods 5
’The legal assistance provided by BRIGHT helps us to fully analyse all aspects of a problem and to break it down into top priorities and lesser priorities. The added value they bring is that they literally put their policy of ‘first things first’ into practice. They also keep us on our toes, and in a good way.’

- Jan Visser

Manager Team Information at the Gemeente Altena municipal authority
’BRIGHT is quick to master all kinds of material and is always ‘on the ball’. BRIGHT is also really strong when it comes to strategy and timing. I would certainly recommend BRIGHT!’

- Peggy van Neer

Founder and creative director SNURK
’We like working with BRIGHT. They give us honest advice, they are familiar with our business, they can go through the gears quickly, they keep their promises and they know what they’re talking about. They have all the knowledge and knowhow in-house too. We also ‘click’ with them well on a personal level, which we feel is important too.’

- Sven Thomasse en Bjorn Thomasse

Founders of DETJER
‘At BRIGHT, they really know how to communicate complex material clearly and transparently, without any complicated professional jargon. As a result, the client too always feels (and is) really involved. They also deliver on their promises and services - quickly.’

- Alexander den Boer

Directeur of Van Oers
‘With BRIGHT, it’s really about what’s good for my business. If they feel they can’t offer us the best solution themselves then they will refer me to the right specialists at one of their business partners. I call that real added value and really something special!’

- Willy Smeets

President of SOMT University of Physiotherapy
‘The personal touch, committed, and quick to offer expert advice about complicated problems - that’s how BRIGHT helps us.’

- Maikel Elst

C.E.O. M.I.P. Tanks & Silos
‘At BRIGHT, they think like businesspeople do. I am happy to hand work over to them. Not just because they really know a lot about trademark law but also because they have a practical mindset, work quickly and help us to keep costs down. They are always ready to help us right away.’

- Patrick Hoefsmit

Founder and owner of Merk-Echt.
‘Efficient and constructive - you have to protect everything that is your pride and joy, which is where BRIGHT comes in and really helps us. They are an enthusiastic and expert team that provides a realistic assessment. They are always ready to help you.’

- Bouk Hoijtink

Founder of CRAZE
‘If you have important trademark law matters to discuss, then with BRIGHT you’ve come to the right place. We develop a great many brands, so an expert partner is essential. You notice the difference to other players right away. BRIGHT has an incredible amount of knowledge and experience. They are quick and very dedicated and are happy to go that extra mile, which is one reason why we at SuperRebel have been happy to work with BRIGHT for many years now and to refer clients to them. Their mentality is the reason why you always emerge from the battle as the victor.’

- Lodewijk Varossieau

Founder & CEO SuperRebel Group