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Ingrid van Wanrooij

An organiser at the top of her game: in this capacity, Ingrid feels like a fish in water. Whether it’s about taking care of all things administrative, keeping the customer files in good order or setting up a digital archiving system: ask her and she will organise it. And she does it so well too, because her colleagues often notice how smoothly everything is running.


Her accuracy, proactive attitude and enthusiasm make her the lubricant that oils the BRIGHT machine. Taking things off your hands, so that others can focus on the legal content and legal work itself: this is why Ingrid sets off to work every day whistling a happy tune – or is that her flute you can hear? 

Leisure time

She likes to be active in her private life too, including playing along with her musical family and having a passion for her classic car (a Fiat 500). She sits on various committees and organises events, all of which is naturally a perfect fit with the facilitator she is.