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Nanda Ruyters

Founder of BRIGHT ip lawyers

Nanda is the founder and owner of BRIGHT. Right from when she started practising as a lawyer in 2001, Nanda’s focus has been on intellectual property, IT and commercial contract law. She started her career in 2001 at a major national law practice, AKD, where she worked for 10 years (and in the latter years as a partner) with a great deal of pleasure. However, she always wanted to go into business on her own and set up her own practice, which she did in 2011 by setting up BRIGHT as a boutique law firm specialising in IP, one where high-end complex and sensitive cases are dealt with a practical mindset. And which is now the law firm for a whole range of great clients, fellow-lawyers and other referrers for all their IP issues and problems.
In-house, it is down to her to both set and maintain the course pursued by the practice. In recent years, Nanda – together with her dedicated and specialist team – has ensured that her practice has made even more of a name for itself.

Clients value her proprietor-oriented and solution-driven approach. For Nanda, devising creative strategic solutions that take into account all the separate interests in a case is simply the right way to do business.

Her qualities

Nanda is resolute and able to quickly untangle complex problems. She is straightforward and steers her clients straight to the right solution, helped by her huge drive and passion for her work. She is service-oriented and is always ready to help her clients – and happy to do so. For her team, she is an approachable, accessible captain to have at the helm.

In 2023, Nanda received a bronze award under the WTR 1000 ranking (World Trademark Review) that came with the following description of her:

‘Nanda dares to tell it like it is and delivers clear advice on the risks of each case. She takes her clients’ goals very seriously and is admired for her professionalism, responsiveness and follow-through work.’

Leisure time

When at leisure to do so, Nanda enjoys time with her family. She is used to working hard and keeping lots of balls in the air at the same time. She tries to maintain the right balance by playing various sports, going on pleasant walks in the woods and having other relaxing times, enjoying lovely holidays and savouring fine dining. Sometimes it is a challenge to do all this but she usually has enough bubbly energy to power up again and enjoy all the great things that her profession brings with it.

Memberships and the Branches of Law register (the ‘Rechtsgebiedenregister’)

Nanda is a member of various professional organisations: MARQUES, BMM (Benelux Association of Trademark and Design Law), VIEPA and the VvA (Dutch Copyright Law Association).

Nanda has registered the branch of law that is Intellectual Property in the Branches of Law register of the NOvA (the Netherlands Bar Association). This registration means that every year, in order to keep her knowledge up to date, she has to achieve training points in this registered principal law field, in line with the norms laid down by the NOvA.